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Time, money & the energy to enjoy it!

Stories from Ambit's Leaders

Chris & Debbie Atkinson's Story

NY Power to Choose Information

National Grid New Choices Program Info

PA Power Switch Program Info 

Video Presentation Overview

How to show the Magazine & Video Presentation

In 7 Simple Steps

1. Set the tone. Make small talk. Talk about your reasons for doing business and try to understand their why. That way, when going through the presentation, they will not be deciding to say yes or no to Ambit, they will be trying to decide if they will say yes or no to their dream. Find out what they would really do if all of their money concerns were taken care of. In the beginning, when you are telling your own story, eliminate the common objections of too little time and not enough money through your own story. Eg. "When I first saw this business, I thought I didn't have time or the extra money to spend because ______ and what I realized what that busy was the new word for broke and Ambit has offered me a way out."

2. Make sure they understand that deregulation of energy is going on now. Compare to telecom in the late 80s and 90’s. Tell this is the largest deregulation we have ever had; Larger than railroads, trucking, airlines, and telecom. Hold up Success From Home. Tell them this is written about Ambit, not by Ambit.

3. Point out Chris Chambless and Jere Thompson and explain these are our two cofounders. Jere comes from a long line of success as his family founded the Southland Corporation (7-Eleven Stores). Also let your prospect know that Chris actually worked in the deregulation of telecom with a company called Excel. In fact, he grew that company to be the fastest company in history to ever reach a billion dollars at that time shattering Microsoft’s record. And now he is working here with Jere and together they have grown our company, Ambit, to be the number one fastest growing privately held company as ranked by INC 500, 2010. Show the INC. magazine reprint and let them know that in 2011, Ambit was in the INC. 500 ranking again as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the US. Show them the May 15, 2013 Wall Street Journal article. Tell about JD Powers Award and 1 billion/1 million.

4. Talk a little about some of the people you know in the magazine and if the person you are talking to does something like one of the people in the magazine, go to that person’s profile. This is where you point out your leaders. If they are a nurse, point out Debbie Atkinson, a firefighter, Kirk Horan, etc. Show them that all the yellow jackets are million dollar earners and that the purple jackets are five million dollar earners. We are talking about making a lot of money here. Make sure they know Success From Home is written about Ambit, not by Ambit!

5. Let me show you how this works. Go to your website: and play the 5 minute overview video and then below this video are three other videos. Play the one called Getting Paid.

6. After you play through the video show a before and after bill. Also show your prospect the website all customers get for free and then show an example of a bill with the free energy credit applied.

7. Ask them what they liked best about the business and when they ask you a question this is where you say,” I knew you would have questions. Let’s call____(upline leader)____ and let her/him answer them.” Edify who you are calling. Get them on the phone, tell them about your prospect and then be quiet.

* All above mentioned examples/materials can be found under the Downloads > Start-up Packet tab

* Stories about the leaders in the company can be found under the Resources Tab