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Time, money & the energy to enjoy it!

Key Points for Success in Your Ambit Business

Two most important aspects of a financially successful Ambit business:

  • 1.       Consistency and persistency. Although taking all-out massive action will produce quicker results, working the business on a disciplined basis should be your #1 priority.

  • 2.       SPEED over STRATEGY. Promote to Senior Consultant as fast as you possibly can. If you need $10,000 a month or more, then blitz to EC. Brian said most consultants make the mistake of trying to plan out or strategize where they are going to put certain people--waiting to put the "go-getters" in their RC or SC code. Big mistake. Just go and don't look back.

Your success in Ambit is dependent on the continued execution of 5 things:

1. The Written List. Do not prejudge. Include EVERYONE. Use the memory jogger in PowerZone. Consistently build this list throughout your Ambit business. Try to get 500 people or more on that list. The more you have, the more income you can make.

2. The Invitation. Our job is to invite people to look at the business and offer an opinion. Say as little as possible. Be urgent and excited.

3. The Presentation. The big point here is that new MC's mix parts of the presentation with the invitation and turn way too many people away because in their excitement and enthusiasm they say too much.

4. Validation. Use the three-way call. Have consultants use their sponsors and leaders to answer prospects questions at the end of a presentation.

5. Follow Up. The initial urgency you bring during the invitation should carry over into the follow up. Be patient, but don't let people go too long.