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Time, money & the energy to enjoy it!

Brian McClure's Silver Bullets

Silver Bullet #1:

Your success in Ambit Energy is YOUR responsibility. If your business is not going as you would like, take a good look in the mirror. If you want your business and income to change, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE.

Silver Bullet #2:

You MUST attend Ambition. Period.

Silver Bullet #3:

Massive positive action trumps positive thinking. Learning about this business and attending trainings and local meetings does not produce income. You must follow the system and get the business in front of people.

Silver Bullet #4:

A leader's responsibility is to provide information and tools for success. A leader is not responsible for someone else's business--success or lack thereof. We lead from the front. You can't expect your team to do what you are not doing.

Silver Bullet #5:

You are either going to work for a system (your boss), or a system is going to work for you. The only way to get a system to work for you is to build a massive consultant base--one MC at a time.

Silver Bullet #6:

Your job is NOT, repeat NOT to get people to JOIN Ambit Energy. Your primary responsibility is to get people to invite them to LOOK at it. Brian believes this to be the single biggest mistake new MC's make. Those who try to "sell" Ambit turn out to talk too much and lose out. "Less is more", as Brian would say.

Silver Bullet#7:

The difference between a growing Ambit business and one that is stalled is the ability to create URGENCY. It is this step that gets people to ACTUALLY watch a video or go to a meeting rather than promise they will. Brian gave several examples of how to do this.

Silver Bullet #8:

Find out a person's "Why" and get them to see how Ambit can meet their needs. This is done more effectively with emotion rather than logic. Brian said typically network marketing companies have 70% women and 30% men because women tend to work the business from their heart and men from their head. If you can move people emotionally to connect Ambit to their "Why" you will have better long-term success.

Silver Bullet #9:

Strength follows strength, and weakness follows weakness. Don't chase non producers. Lead by example and let them follow you. Brian said his biggest difficulty and obstacle in Ambit has been wanting someone to be successful more than they do.