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Time, money & the energy to enjoy it!

Must Visit Websites:

Brian McClure's Website:

Chris Atkinson's Website:

System 16- Part 3

Training Calls

Listening to the weekly and daily training calls are a must to become successful in this business. It is a great way for you to learn a little bit each day.

Brian McClure's Team Calls:

Dial: 712-432-7570

PIN #: 84877#

Sunday Nights at 10pm EST

Mason Team Calls:

Dial: 605-475-4700

PIN #: 125536#

Sunday Nights at 8:30pm EST

Customer Gathering Training Call

Dial: 641-715-3645

PIN #: 643011#

Tuesday Nights 9:30 PM EST

Travel Reward Savings Program

Follow this link to watch the Zoom Webinar:

Learn the Leader's Stories

Steve Thompson

Brian & Betsy McClure

Chris & Debbie Atkinson

Philip Eckert

Philip Eckert

The following video was done by a CMA. It outlines what residual income is, how it correlates to having money in the bank, and where we can potentially create streams of residual income. The information is even more powerful when you realize that what we have in Ambit is the most essential product of all!

Overcoming Objections

One of the most common objections we hear is, "Is this another one of those pyramid things?". Here is a funny video that counters that objection.

Resources & Reviews

Here is a video to help all understand what makes a credible resource. It is important for people to know that if a company has no way of refuting the complaint to take corrective measures or at least to respond to it then it most likely is not a credible resource. In addition, anytime a website asks the company to pay to become accredited with them that is also another red flag. Look to sites like the BBB or JD Powers and Associates. These are excellent sites to reveal a company's character! Please click the link below for more information on credible resources.

Responding to Consumer Affairs Reviews