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Time, money & the energy to enjoy it!

Overcoming Objections and the Follow-up Call

By: Steve Thompson, NC

Asking positive questions brings positive results!

You must listen to your prospect if you are going to solve their needs!

People like to belong and they need to be wanted! If you are sincere in your desire to help them, they will be more likely to join!

Remember to center on: We! Us! You! Together! What you want is a TEAM member and a Partner.

You are not selling; you are guiding people as they strive to improve their own lives, through their own desires and achievements! Give them the Opportunity!

Ask the prospect to tell you what they liked best in the Online Tour/Business Presentation!

  • Listen for their answer, as they will open the window of opportunity!
  • Agree with what the prospect says and restate it in a positive statement about your business!

Ask the prospect what else they saw that they liked!

  • Listen to what they say, as it will let you know what they want!
  • Give the prospect time to formulate their ideas and express their Positive Thoughts!
  • Again, agree with prospect and restate how your business will meet their stated desires!

Restate, briefly, their statements and tell them that you really look forward to helping them work toward their goals. Ask, If we can make this work for you, are you ready to get started?

  • If they offer another objection, listen and then ask, "If you and I can find the answer to __________, are you ready to give this a try, together?"

At this point it is time to sign them up, but without pressure! Assume a positive answer and tell them you are really looking forward to building this business together, and with very little risk! Help them launch their business on your website!

Example: What did you see that you like the best?

  • I liked Making Money!
  • I like Saving Money on Services!
  • I like sharing my good fortune with my Friends and Family!

That's exactly what got my attention when I first saw the presentation. This is the greatest financial opportunity! What else did you see that you liked?

  • I liked not selling any stuff, just helping other people!

You know, that is the best part! Everybody already uses our products and service, and it's great that you and I get to build our success by helping other people improve their lives and achieve personal success!

Working together, you and I can help a lot of people and we don't have to sell them things that they don't want! It will be great to have fun making money together! If we can make this work for you, are you ready to get started?

  • Maybe, but I need to think about it.

Great, then let me show you how simple it will be to get started. If you are not ready to start, then we just won't complete the process! What name do you want on your checks?

(Complete a paper application or show them how to sign up online)

We can do this together. Would you like to begin right now? With you and me doing this together, there is very little risk! Let's get your business started, now!

Follow Up Call Script

Hi ________________, this is _______________, with (COMPANY). We spoke on ______. You sounded like you were very interested in our Business, and may have the attributes I am looking for in a working partner. Did you take the Online Tour?

If Yes: Loop to asking the positive questions and sign them up.

If No: (Their Name) + (Go to Responses to Common Objections and answer their objection)

Responses to Common Objections from the Business Invitation

1. I don't have the money, or what will this cost?

Do you like not having money? It won't cost you anything to take a look, but it might cost you a lot not to.


Hey, this is a money MAKING opportunity, not a money SPENDING opportunity. Take a look, and you tell me if you think you can make any money at it.


What would you say if I told you it costs $450 but you could make it all back in as little as one week?

2. I don't have the time.

Do you like not having any free time? Give me 20 or 30 minutes and I'll show you how you can finally get more time.


That's exactly why we need to get together for 20-30 minutes. This could help you get more time for yourself. If you don't spend a little time checking out other options, when do you see your schedule becoming less hectic?

3. Is this selling? I don't like selling.

No. It's not selling. I don't like selling either. This is sharing, offering, helping and teaching.

4. I don't know many people.

This will give you an opportunity to meet some new people and make some new friends. You'd be surprised how easy it is to meet people when you have something everyone needs and wants.

5. I need to talk it over with my spouse.

That's great. Let's all get together. Two sets of eyes are better than one.


And you should. He/she should be in on any decision that can change your life like this can. Let's all get together. Two sets of eyes are better than one.

6. Is this network marketing or Multi-level level marketing??

Do you like Network marketing or MLM? (Yes / no) Good, then you're going to love this. This is nothing like you've ever seen before.

(If No) What do you mean? (Have them explain. Don't assume they don't like it.) Then say: There are several options available. You really need to check out the whole plan before you know which is best for you.

7. I don't like dealing with products or pushing products.

I don't either, all we do is offer discounted electricity, and refer interested people to our website.

8. Is this a pyramid??

No. Pyramids are illegal. I wouldn't get involved in anything illegal and I wouldn't ask you to either.

Ask them what they mean by a pyramid. They're probably referring to the pyramid shape of the organization. If they are, tell them that you prefer to refer to it as a leveraged income matrix, because unlike other pyramid shaped organizations (government, church, military, and their job!) the guy just getting in can exceed everyone above him.

9. I am 100% focused on my business and I don't want to get off track.

I understand and appreciate your dedication. I don't want you to commit to anything. I just want your feedback. I respect your opinion.

10. How much are you making

I'm just getting started, but I think it has great potential. Would you look at it and tell me what you think?


You wouldn't believe it if I told you, besides, you might NEVER make what I do! You may make ten times more, or you may make nothing. I will tell you though, that you will get paid what you're worth, unlike your job.

NOTE: I never say. It either intimidates people or it limits them on what they think THEY can do.

11. I don't have any experience.

That is the best part. You don't need any, and they have free ongoing training.


Hey I didn't have any either. Anyone can do this business.

Your response after the objection is always the same:

  • Just take a look.
  • I respect your opinion.
  • It may not be for you.
  • It's not for everyone.
  • When can we get together?

Remember, you're not selling; you're looking for open-minded people who want to make a change in their lives.