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Time, money & the energy to enjoy it!

Getting Started Right

Step 1.

It is crucial that you log into your PowerZone and watch the JumpStart Training videos in AmbitU. All new consultants that join your business need to watch this as well.

Watch the 15 minute JumpStart. Then click "view all videos". Watch the 100 series and 200 series. Especially pay attention to The Invitation, #205 

Step 2.

For your beginning training, listen to the team call recordings for "The Invitation", "How to do a 1:1", & "The 3-Way Close".

Mastering these 3 Topics will build your fortune in this business.

Additionally, learn how to gather customers at under the training tab. Watch videos: The List, Invitation, Presentation & Validation

For more information see

"First 10 Steps" Page

Step 3.

Present the business & show the plan. After becoming your own first customer, invite people to see this business. Show this business to people using your Energy526 website.

Play the 5 minute overview video for your prospect and then the 3 videos below under digging deeper. You can alternatively take someone to a weekly meeting/home show.

Go to "Video Presentation How-To" for more information on how to show this business. 

Starter Packet

Each new consultant that you sign should not leave the sign up without a starter packet and if a new person signs up without you please get them one right away. Take the time to go over the information in the starter packet and make sure the new consultant has navigated all of their web sites.

All of the information needed for the starter packet can be found on under the download tab.

Print one out for yourself and make a few extras and give them to your new consultants so they also have this. Keep this packet simple and get your new consultants started right. Do not add to it and just put in a manila file folder.

Below is what we include in each starter packet. As you invest in your new consultants, you are also investing in yourself. Contents:

  • Workbook for New Consultants
  • Inc. 500 reprint of article
  • A rating of BBB
  • New Customer Enrollment Form
  • Two copies of bills showing before and after
  • Two examples of free energy credit on bills in your area
  • Annual Savings Statement for NY people
  • Customer Benefits in a Nutshell for all states and NY State
  • Wall Street Journal Article
  • JD Powers and Associates Award