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Time, money & the energy to enjoy it!

10 Steps to Starting Your Business Right

Here are 10 Steps that will help you get off to the fastest start possible in your new business. As you finish each step, call or text your sponsor and let them know what step you’re on. Check them off as you go and go through all of these steps as quickly as you can. 

o Step 1

Log on to PowerZone and watch Ambit University. In the Ambit University tab, launch the Training Center and watch all of Jumpstart Training 101. Then click "view all videos" and go through the intensified training. Especially pay attention to The Invitation, #205.

o Step 2

Go to and click on the training tab, then click on Gathering Customers. Watch both videos. Then just watch everything you can on this site.

o Step 3

Write down your “WHY”. This is going to be the driving force behind your new business. Share this “why” with your sponsor and your Senior Consultant and Executive Consultant.

o Step 4

Put your written list on paper. This is going to be your most valuable asset that you have in your new business. Write everybody down, do not pre-judge. Include everybody that is in your phone, on your Facebook page, and use the Memory Jogger. The more people that you have on this list, the more money you will make.

o Step 5

Enter the following numbers into your phone:

Consultant Support 877-302-6248

Third Party Verification 866-942-6248

o Step 6

Click on the following links and enter your web handle. Save it as a favorite in your web browser for easy access.

PowerZone - This is your virtual back office

Energy 526 - Consultant presentation video/Consultant Signup Site #1

Why Ambit Works - Consultant presentation video/Consultant Signup Site #2

Join Ambit - Customer Signup Site

o Step 7

If you can think of one person, like an elderly grandparent, that you know will not do this business but would do you a favor, ask them the favor to be your customer. Enter this person as your first customer in your JoinAmbit website. Make yourself your first customer as well. Then get right onto the invite and invite people to see this business. As you show this business to people using the presentation videos or the weekly meeting and home meetings, you will gather your first 3 to 5 customers. You want to get your first 3-5 customers in the first week doing this. This will put your first check in your hands and your belief will sky-rocket! Connect with your sponsor to get this done!

o Step 8

Get plugged into the system! It is critical that you jump on the following webinars and conference calls to get educated and motivated every week. Enter these numbers into your phone and set a phone alarm to remind you of these calls.

Mason Team Call: 605-475-4700                  (pin- 125536#)               Sunday nights at 8:30pm EST

National Call with Brian: (712) 432-7570        (pin- 84877#)                Sunday at 10pm EST

o Step 9

Show this business to the people that you wrote down in your list. The amount of money you make is in proportion to the number of times that you show this business a week. Use your Energy526 website to play the video presentations for at least 1 new person every day. Use the system and then bring a new guest to a big local meeting at least once a week.

o Step 10

Call or text your sponsor or upline SC or EC each day, keep adding to your written list, and keep showing the plan. :-)